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Butterfly Gardens

if you plant the correct flowers and shrubs in your Garden they can act as important stepping stones between nature reserves and other natural habitat by offering abundant supplies of nectar. Butterflies will visit your garden, however small, if they can feed from suitable nectar plants and a well thought out garden can attract many different types of butterfly. If you manage your patch to create breeding habitat you may be surprised at how many you will see.

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Nature and the Log Pile

Wildlife gardening

Since the 1930s we have lost more than 50% of the natural wildlife habitat.

We don’t have to reforest our gardens to provide this much needed habitat. Placing a  small pile of logs in a secluded spot in the garden can support a multitude of different creepy crawlies, provide a refuge and hunting ground for small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and shelter for over-wintering and hibernating wildlife.  We did this in our own garden.

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Butler Sink Wildlife Pond

Attracting wildlife into your garden is quite easy if you know how.

One of our client's had a butler sink, lying around. We suggested they place in an unused part of the garden to atrract wildlife. We clean it out every season for them, here are some tips for cleaning ponds out even if it is just an old sink!

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