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Butler Sink Wildlife Pond

Attracting wildlife into your garden is quite easy if you know how.

One of our client's had a butler sink, lying around. We suggested they place in an unused part of the garden to atrract wildlife. We clean it out every season for them, here are some tips for cleaning ponds out even if it is just an old sink!


  • Best time to do a full clean is late autumn
  • Collect as much wildlife as possible with nets
  • Drain water and again filter wildlife out, keep 1/3 of the old water aside
  • Keep all the sludge etc for later
  • Wash. the stones but dont remove all the algae! We use collected rainwater to do this
  • Put everything back again as you want, add the 1/3 old water and top up with collected rainwater rather than tap water. If you have to use tap water, fill buckets 5 days before the clean to allow to stablise
  • Lastly put all the sludge near by or in a net overhanging the pond, so any microscopic creetors can crawl back

Our client has 2 frogs, a pair of newts and gets dragon flies, damsel flies and a whole host of creepy crawlies.

Charlie 07486 917485